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What Do These Three Persuasion Methods Have to Do With Sales?

Every decision in business ultimately comes down to one key component.

Every sale you’ve ever made has been because of this, every vendor you’ve ever hired, and every employee you’ve ever let go, even all the decisions you’ve made about which companies to work with. All those decisions came down to one important thing.

This is something you have to master if you want to succeed, and it’s something you definitely need to get on top of to hire effectively, too. It’s something you might have already mastered, you just don’t know it. And it’s at the core of my communication strategy.

You ready?

It’s trust.

No matter the service, no matter the cost, no matter the company, trust has to be involved in any business decision. Think about it. You have to trust that a business will respect your needs and provide a top-notch service. You have to trust that you’ll get your money’s worth. And your customer or client has to feel the same way about you and your business.

If you feel like you’ve been putting in the time, doing the cold-calling and the canvassing and getting nowhere, you need to implement this. And if you feel like every single vendor you work with somehow disappoints you, you need to implement this too.

There are three key factors when it comes to trust:

Ethos – Credibility and Ethics

Ethos is so important when it comes to good business practices. Your customer has to know she can trust you. She has to know you stick by your word and you deliver. Ever hired someone from a referral? Ethos. Ever made a snap decision to go with Company A instead of Company B because they had a ton of testimonials and case studies? Ethos. You trust that company’s credibility.

Logos – Logic and Reason

It’s all about the numbers when it comes to logos. What are the proven results of your service? Can your customer trust you to do things cheaper, more effectively, and more efficiently? Do you bring in vendors with over 50 years of combined experience who have been proven to create results 30% faster than the competitor? Include that info!

Pathos – Emotions and Feelings

We’ve all seen that abandoned puppy commercial with the sad song playing. You all know what commercial I’m talking about, which proves those emotions stick with us. Your company needs to connect with the client through feeling. No matter what that emotion may be, here’s the key reminder: Make ‘em feel, and you’ll seal the deal.

All together, these three methods of persuasion are extremely effective. Why? Because they all contribute to the feeling of trust and security we have with a company. Check out this list of examples, and then take a look at your messaging to see if you inspire trust in your client. FYI: Before you sign another contract, see if your vendor uses these three methods. If not, maybe it’s time to find that service elsewhere.

To read more about creating instant trust with customers and clients and why it's the core of my communication strategy, check out these blog posts here and here.

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