Our Team

Mary Shores is backed by an exceptional team that manages events, creates content, assists with clients, and helps put on spectacular training events. 

As the team’s fearless leader, Mary’s bold, no-nonsense approach inspires the company’s growth and direction. As a master story-teller, when she’s not empowering the audience from the stage, she’s entertaining staff in the breakroom with her latest humorous tale.

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Integrator, designer, director, nacho connoisseur--you name it, Bobbie can execute it. As the creative lead, her objective is to design, develop, implement and maintain the company brand strategy. 

Online content developer and writer, Meaghan plays a HUGE role in getting Mary in front of YOU. When she’s not pitching brand products and services, she’s obsessing over corgis on Instagram.

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A certified practitioner of The Communication Code and employee onboarding expert, Roxie exemplifies outstanding leadership and management skills with client satisfaction as her primary focus. Her energetic and goofy personality keeps us all smiling around the office.

Bobbie Bonebrake


Meaghan Offerman


Roxie Olivero-Winfield



Champaign, Illinois I United States