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Private Consulting

Not sure what’s causing your communication challenges? Get Mary’s experience for your business. Consulting is designed to uncover your most challenging issues, and can produce fast, dramatic results.

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Solve Your Biggest Problems.

Mary & her team can deliver on-site Strategy Days with your leadership team.


Benefits of a Strategy Day include:


  • Detailed intake to understand your industry and challenges

  • Analysis of top communication issues

  • Evaluation of collections/payment processes

  • Evaluation of customer service protocols and policies and procedures

  • On-boarding process evaluation

  • Bespoke solutions that are right for your company

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“If you want your customers to be happy, if you want them to be raving fans, if you want your team members or your staff to be happy the way to do it is to start improving your communications one word at a time and that’s what I help people do!”

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