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Mary Shores has received hundreds of testimonials from clients, organizations, and employees around the U.S. We're honored to have our clients speak so highly of us for helping them achieve new milestones. 

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“Mary, I am thankful that I found out about you just when I did (although I know it was meant to happen.) I am a teacher and I just recently started a new teaching job as an English Interventionist for an on-line school.

Therefore, my resolve was to follow your lead and try to make sure that every encounter they had with me left them feeling better than before. It seemed to have worked. When I started in March, 8% of the students on my caseload were passing their English class(es). Now, 96% of them are passing! 24 or 25 kids! (It has also helped me to help my own daughter.)

I really think you should consider marketing what you've learned specifically to teachers. I'm glad I got the chance to hear your message, and I know I will be passing it on to the other teachers I know.”

- Amy Klco

"The Communication Code is so relevant for our industry. So much of what she said hit home and I would love to be able to have a quick impact on my business with some of the takeaways that she taught us today about how to better communicate with the consumers we deal with daily.”

- Garret Angelo, MACA

"I've seen Mary speak at the Central Illinois Property Professionals meeting. I quite honestly have to say, if your company is not using Mary's Communication Code for communications, then you're probably not doing as well as you could be." 


- Brian Bell - Founder/CEO at DEI

Digital Equality Initiative

Without even working with Mary, Estie Rand was able to use the Communication Code strategy to salvage a client relationship and make $4,000 - with one email. She researched Mary’s work preparation for their interview together and Mary’s Do Not Say List stuck out to her. She was in the process of firing a “vampire client” who wasn’t a good fit, but was inspired to try to write the email without the word “unfortunately.” She was able to reframe the message and focus on what she could do, which resulted in her referring the client to someone who was a better fit. She got a referral bonus and kept a relationship that she was ready to throw away.

“It’s not enough to know the information. Your audience wants to be entertained, too. Mary’s easy-going style, sense of humor and ability to be spontaneous while still keeping things on track will have those listening engaged throughout her speech, interview or Q & A. They’ll continue to feel the benefit of listening to Mary well after they’ve left your teleconference, meeting or conference room.”


– Andrew Timms, President, Spectra ART Enterprises

“Mary is such a charismatic and engaging speaker! Her talk touched our hearts and taught us how to rewire our brains to become more positive and see more possibilities. Personally, I am very thankful for Mary’s motivating talk and I can’t wait to see her speak at other events.”

–Maria Jaromin, Business Leadership Conference Committee Member, VP of Women in Business 2017

Bring Mary to Your Next Event

Have Mary do your next event, training, or company workshop. She'll transform the way you think and empower your people to be better at their jobs, adding more revenue to your business. 

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