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About Mary Shores

As an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and CEO Mary Shores knows how to deliver powerful messages backed by over 20 years of experience & research in neuroscience and human development. 

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Mary Shores


Mary Shores Aug 18 17 -2242 - FULL RESOL

Mary Shores is a multi-million-dollar CEO, best-selling author, and sought-after speaker. She has over 20 years experience as a no-nonsense CEO in the challenging industry of debt collection. Her natural storytelling ability and research-backed lessons motivate and inspire. 


Mary delivers a powerful message backed by years of research in neuroscience and human development. More than that, her depth of personal experience and compelling life story connects her to clients. Her down-to-earth and actionable teachings don't just inspire, though. She gives a roadmap for taking action and igniting change.


Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, Mary has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses. She has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs.

Mary's Story

Debt collectors are usually pariahs.

I’ve run a debt collection agency for 20 years. Naturally, as a business owner, making money was always a benchmark goal.

The AHA! moment of my career came when I realized that what I REALLY wanted was for the next person I spoke with on the phone to be happier at the end of the call than they were at the start.

That simple shift to creating connection through conscious conversations reframed my entire organization (and personal life). Focused on that, I created one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. My staff members come on and stay for years. In an industry that has a regular turnover rate of almost 50%, you know something different is going on.

Starting in the challenging industry of debt collection, I made it my mission to bring back humanity into the business world. Inspired by this powerful vision, the shifts in communication that I created with my team transformed the often vulnerable and uncomfortable conversations about money, into positive and empowering connections. And our business grew exponentially as a result!

In business, you can spend years building a relationship only to destroy it with one regrettable communication. It quickly became clear how understanding the power and technique behind language and communication can lead to incredible transformations, more engaged teams, and much happier customers (even when you’re collecting payments!)

Today, as an author, speaker, and developmental consultant, I use my system to empower people to create the businesses & lives they’ve always wanted.

Mary Shores

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Get Mary's Book

Get a copy of Mary's book Conscious Communications which is transforming the way companies think about communication and how they communicate with customers to increase revenues. 


“Conscious Communications is a compelling compendium of stories, processes, and exercises creating a compass that leads right to the heart of what you can do to activate your greatest potential.”

— Nancy Levin

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In this talk, Mary Shores is going to give the audience the single most important lesson she learned from working with over 750,000 people in debt: connection is currency. This is important because the number one human emotional need is to feel heard and understood, and we can only hear others when we've truly connected with them.

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