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Mary is frequently turned to for her advice on how to help people create the businesses and lives they've always wanted. Her work has appeared in Forbes, ACA International's Collector magazine, among other outlets. See below where Mary has been published and interviewed.

14 Practical Ways To Deal With Unhappy Customers

December 22, 2020

In this expert panel, Mary Shores offers her advice on how to deal with tough situations that can have a lasting impact on your company's reputation.

5 Collection Call Script Questions Answered by Industry Leaders

December 8, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the importance of using scripts as a training tool in order to create consistency and positive habits with agents.

Building A Great Brand: How To Embrace The Impact Brand Model

November 2020

Mary Shores talks about the importance of building an impact brand story that combines the basics of marketing with a fantastic brand story that gives the company a greater purpose.

Systems That Scale Your Collection Floor

November 2020

Mary Shores discusses three replicable and scalable ways to make sure your business thrives in a post-COVID-19 world. 

What's Your Flavor? 

November 2020

Mary Shores is interviewed on effective scripting that requires you to find the balance between consistency and flexibility. 

Adding New Talent? 16 Key Steps Before Hiring

October 12, 2020

In this expert panel, Mary Shores gives her tips for what to keep in mind when hiring new talent.

Positive Consumer Communication

May 20, 2019

Listen on ACA Cast as Mary Shores shares tips on how to have more constructive conversations with consumers. 

Build Your Consumer Connection Pyramid: One Word at a Time

May 19, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the best way she knows how to create massive success in the collections industry – now and in the future – is to help consumers see collectors as allies – one word at a time.

5 Things Bosses Should Never Say During A Crisis

May 2, 2020

Mary Shores gives her top five tips to help you better communicate with your team, clients and colleagues during this crisis. 

Increase Debt Recovery with the ‘Goldilocks Zone of Connection’

September 22, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the challenge for collectors in finding the middle ground between being too friendly and too aggressive.

Positive Language: The Secret To Collecting More On Delinquent Accounts

July 21, 2020

Mary Shores talks about the impact of negative language on debt collection calls and the best ways to optimize consumer interactions through positivity. 

Shifting Direction

June 2020

Mary Shores is interviewed on adapting to the complexity of our new world—and positioning her company to succeed in the future. 


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