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Mary is frequently turned to for her advice on how to help people create the businesses and lives they've always wanted. Her work has appeared in Forbes, ACA International's Collector magazine, among other outlets. See below where Mary has been published and interviewed.

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October 04, 2021

Mary Shores talks about how follow-through issues can arise even for business people who are less creative and more analytical. The problem occurs when you’re unsure what strategies to implement to completely finish a project.

E092: Create Conscious Communication with Mary Shores

September, 2021

In this episode, Mary Shores and Dr. Kathryn Guylay explore how to create deeper connections with our fellow human beings through Conscious Communication.  

Communication Tips To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment

September 13, 2021

Mary Shores discusses the tools she's learned over the past 20 years that make her professional life so much easier. 

August 23, 2021

Mary Shores talks about how to break the negative cycle in the workplace in order to build trust and understanding with your team.

Three Steps To Find The Best Opportunities For Your Business

July 29, 2021

Mary Shores discusses the teachable skill you can use to start discerning which opportunities are worthwhile (and which aren’t) with practice and dedication.

Effective Communication Strategies for Collectors: 3 Tips to Impact the Bottom Line

July 20, 2021

Mary Shores talks about ways to incite positivity on collection calls without sacrificing the bottom line.

July 8, 2021

Mary Shores discusses the secret lesson that will be your key to success, no matter what you do or where you work and gives you the tools to make that growth happen.

Webinar: The Compassionate Framework for Healthcare Collections

June 17, 2021

Mary Shores teaches the four main pillars that make up the Compassionate Framework for Healthcare Collections. Each pillar offers a necessary tool for patient account representatives to navigate challenging conversations with patients in order to provide a positive patient financial experience.

Create A Menu For Your Business, Even If You Don’t Run A Restaurant

June 15, 2021

Mary Shores shares how, just like restaurants, businesses need to define their focus and limit their scope to make sure they’re truly operating to their full potential.

4 Pillars of An Empathetic Communication Strategy in Healthcare Collections

June 08, 2021

Mary Shores discusses how people are craving human connection and the understanding that comes with empathy, which is why now more than ever, understanding empathy and compassion is extremely important.

Episode 02: Connection is Currency

May 18, 2021

Mary Shores discusses  the psychological burden of debt and how can we move forward to make sure we’re evolving our practices to meet the new normal that revolves around emotions and why we should invest in human capital.

May 2021

Mary Shores discusses how to get constructive feedback from your staff.

Decrease Your Burnout With Three Simple Tips

May 21, 2021

Mary Shores shares three keys you can implement into your everyday life to keep the freakouts to a minimum and handle everyday obstacles easily.

3 Quick Tips to Create a Connected Consumer Experience

May 18, 2021

Mary Shores discusses these three quick tips to get you ready to start connecting with your consumers right away! 

May 17, 2021

Mary Shores discusses how you can achieve higher collection rates by using empathy and emotional intelligence to help consumers get out of debt and create financial well-being.

Three Simple Tips To Elevate Your Leadership

April 30, 2021

Mary Shores discusses a few simple tips to help you embrace the positive qualities of entrepreneurship, become the leader you’ve always wanted to be and make your company stand out.

Interviewing, Hiring & Onboarding for Debt Collection Roles

April 29, 2021

Mary Shores shares her retention-boosting recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding best practices specifically for the debt collection industry.

April 12, 2021

In the conclusion of Arbeit's four-part series on the Compassionate Collections Framework, Mary Shores discusses how the role of leadership can help establish credibility in the new normal.

Five Steps Entrepreneurs Can Take To Break Through A Breakdown

April 9, 2021

Mary Shores discusses how to go from breakdown to breakthrough with 5 easy steps. Learn how to combat those moments you're feeling overwhelmed and undermotivated.

The Compassionate Collections Framework, Part 3: How to Apply Empathy in Real Life Conversations

March 29, 2021

In part 3, Mary dives into a few actionable ways to develop empathy to create a connection, including:

• Listening to be informed

• Responding versus reacting

• How understanding our baseline emotional needs can contribute to better conversations

March 25, 2021

Mary Shores walks us through how to train your collectors in three key areas: 1. Negotiation

2. Critical Thinking

3. Communication

Tips for Consumer Communications During National Credit Education Month

March 25, 2021

March is National Credit Education Month, which is a perfect time to remind consumers of financial management resources, especially if they are being proactive about resolving their account. Mary Shores shares a few reminders to help collectors when communicating with consumers about unpaid debts.

The Compassionate Collections Framework, Part 1: The Consumer Experience

March 22, 2021

For the first time in Debt Collection 101 history, Arbeit is launching a four part series featuring industry thought leader Mary Shores to walk through her brand new vision: The Compassionate Collections Framework.

March 10, 2021

Mary Shores reveals how we can change our communication patterns to embrace the need for humanity-plus business in the collections space.

5 Collection Call Script Questions Answered by Industry Leaders

December 8, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the importance of using scripts as a training tool in order to create consistency and positive habits with agents.

The Secret Connection Equation

Fall, 2020

Mary Shores reveals her secret to creating connection. This equation can drastically improve your overall attitude toward work, as well as  decrease complaints to clients.

Building A Great Brand: How To Embrace The Impact Brand Model

November 2020

Mary Shores talks about the importance of building an impact brand story that combines the basics of marketing with a fantastic brand story that gives the company a greater purpose.

Four Ways To Instill Inner Confidence At Work

January 25, 2021

Mary Shores talks about how in work, as in life, confidence is just as important as competence. Read on to learn how to loosen the grip on self-doubt. 

Consistent Communication: A Must-Have For Your Customer Service Team

January 4, 2021

Mary Shores talks about how consistent communication is a must-have in customer service. The feeling your words create can make the difference between a happy consumer and a dissatisfied consumer.

14 Practical Ways To Deal With Unhappy Customers

December 22, 2020

In this expert panel, Mary Shores offers her advice on how to deal with tough situations that can have a lasting impact on your company's reputation.

These Four Zones Can Make Or Break Your Customer Relationships

March 9, 2021

Mary Shores talks about how the secret to creating connections with consumers comes from understanding a number of "zones." When you understand these zones, you can orient yourself in a customer relationship and turn a negative conversation into a positive one.

The Science of Financial Communications

March 7, 2021

Clark Hill’s Credit Eco to Go podcast hosted by Joann Needleman kicks off Women’s History Month with best-selling author Mary Shores. Listen to how she developed and unlocked the science to effectively communicating with consumers about their financial reality.

Three Habits Of Highly Effective Communicators

February 16, 2021

Mary Shores discusses how to move your business forward with effective communication and how it's one of the most important skills business professionals can master. 

Systems That Scale Your Collection Floor

November 2020

Mary Shores discusses three replicable and scalable ways to make sure your business thrives in a post-COVID-19 world. 

What's Your Flavor? 

November 2020

Mary Shores is interviewed on effective scripting that requires you to find the balance between consistency and flexibility. 

Adding New Talent? 16 Key Steps Before Hiring

October 12, 2020

In this expert panel, Mary Shores gives her tips for what to keep in mind when hiring new talent.

Positive Consumer Communication

May 20, 2019

Listen on ACA Cast as Mary Shores shares tips on how to have more constructive conversations with consumers. 

Build Your Consumer Connection Pyramid: One Word at a Time

May 19, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the best way she knows how to create massive success in the collections industry – now and in the future – is to help consumers see collectors as allies – one word at a time.

5 Things Bosses Should Never Say During A Crisis

May 2, 2020

Mary Shores gives her top five tips to help you better communicate with your team, clients and colleagues during this crisis. 

Increase Debt Recovery with the ‘Goldilocks Zone of Connection’

September 22, 2020

Mary Shores discusses the challenge for collectors in finding the middle ground between being too friendly and too aggressive.

Positive Language: The Secret To Collecting More On Delinquent Accounts

July 21, 2020

Mary Shores talks about the impact of negative language on debt collection calls and the best ways to optimize consumer interactions through positivity. 

Shifting Direction

June 2020

Mary Shores is interviewed on adapting to the complexity of our new world—and positioning her company to succeed in the future.