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Online Training

Online training is the most convenient way for you to increase your staff’s confidence and knowledge. We offer online training programs that make it easy for your team to learn from Mary without disrupting their workday. All of Mary’s trainings are implementation-focused so that your team will be ready to take action (and so that you can start seeing increased revenue sooner!)

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The Collection Advantage

Our signature online training program for debt collection agencies that want to reduce complaints, improve consistency, and increase revenue.

Empower your collectors to earn more with this evidence-based communication training. This program will equip you with all of the tools, resources, and scripts your collectors need to improve their communications so that your agency can thrive.

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The 5 Training Milestones Inside The Collection Advantage:

1. Mastering Human Emotions: Your agents will learn how to reduce conflict and motivate consumers to take action (this means fewer escalated calls for you and your managers).


2. The Communication Code: We share the scripts that allow your agents to take back control of tense calls (you'll see increased payments and reduced collector turnover).


3. Navigating the No: Discover how switching from negative to positive language allows your agents to communicate more efficiently and secure higher monthly payments (even in their most challenging calls with consumers).


4. Payment Plans That Work: Your agents will learn my signature top-down negotiation strategy that results in higher monthly payment plans (expect to increase your payment arrangements by 2x-3x your monthly average).

5. Forging the Path to the Agreement: After you've completed the first four core milestones, you need to weave together all of the concepts you learned to maximize your revenue. That’s where Milestone 5 comes in: it’s time to forge the path to the agreement by diving deeper into the concepts you’ve learned throughout the course.

Business Meeting

Since starting the Collection Advantage, we’ve been tracking what happens when our collectors implement Mary’s teaching. And we’ve already seen our payments increasing. They're making more money, and we're picking that up on our analytics side. We’ve just scratched the surface of implementing Collection Advantage, and we’re already seeing major improvements in how much our collectors bring in. I can’t wait to see what happens when we get even more practice using Mary’s method.”

Jose Castro, Site Manager at Capital Accounts

Mini Courses

Our mini courses are designed to deliver all the helpful information of our signature online training program, The Collection Advantage, in a condensed and more easily digestible program setting. They are a cost-effective training solution for individuals who want to work on their professional development and are focused on improving communication. Each course is specifically tailored for Collectors and Customer Service Representatives.

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The Five Principles of the Communication Code

A 90-minute online training session with Mary that will revolutionize the way your team communicates.

In this online presentation, Mary will introduce your team to the powerful strategy of the Communication Code. Your team will learn how this simple three-step formula can be used to improve all business communication, from sales to customer service to internal communications between colleagues.

By the end of the training, you and your team will understand how to calm customer fears, resolve conflicts, and elevate your office to new heights using this positive, customer-centered communication technique.


Note: this training includes a 30-minute Q & A with Mary that targets the specific challenges within your business. This rapid-fire session helps attendees implement the training even more effectively.  

"I quite honestly have to say, if your company is not using Mary's 'Communication Code' for communications, then you're probably not doing as well as you could be."

— Brian Bell, CEO at Digital Equality Initiative

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Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how fears, feelings, and needs affect our ability to connect with other people.

  • Discover the hidden triggers that cause conflict and create barriers to long-term relationships.

  • Learn how to use a 3-step Communication Code that promotes connection, consistency, positive language, and taking action.

  • Identify the words to eliminate in every conversation (aka Mary's revenue-boosting Do-Not-Say List) and discover which words actually work to communication without conflict.

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