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We're All in This Together

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

In a previous blog post I wrote how validation can create instant trust, confidence, and connection with the people you're talking to during a crisis.

One of the next steps to creating deeper connections and happier people is to help the people you interact with see you as an ally.

We truly are all in this together. One way we can prove that is by showing our willingness to work WITH people.

Some examples from within the debt collection industry (my industry) are: establishing temporary payment arrangements for consumers, permitting consumers to skip a payment, and delaying negative reporting to credit bureaus.

Other examples of how businesses are working with people include going digital with their services, offering discounts, and teaming up with other businesses.

Communicate your support

How you communicate your support is also important.

Have you ever gotten that one person on the phone who said, “I want you to know that I’m going to help you with this”?

How did that make you feel?

You probably experienced a sigh of relief or felt unburdened, right?

Phrases like the following reassure people that you have their interests in mind and build confidence in your abilities:

I want you to know that I’m going to help you with this.

I’d like to help you take care of this.

Open the lines of communication

If you're unsure how you can support people during this time, you can ask a question like...

How are you feeling about x,y,z?

And remember to truly listen as people give you their answers. Don't interrupt, and stay out of advice mode long enough to let the person you're communicating with a chance to share his or her thoughts.

Right now, people might be reluctant to voice their feelings or concerns. Part of being a good listener and ally is reassuring people that it's safe to share their experiences and ask questions.

The pandemic has affected every one of us in some way. We're all in this together.

How are you working WITH people?

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