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Real-Life Application of the Communication Code

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Not too long ago I was interviewed by a podcast host, and before she even met me, she researched the communication strategy I created. She used those methods in one email and earned $3,000 dollars.

No, seriously. This is what happened:

This host had a nightmare client whom she knew she couldn’t work with anymore. She started to write up an email to fire the client then realized she should try using the Communication Code.

She was able to come up with a solution by referring the client to someone who’d be a better fit.

That meant she kept the relationship with the client and nabbed a solid referral bonus in the process.

It’s as easy as thinking about how you can solve a problem, rather than just stating the problem. It’s about focusing on the connections between people, instead of transactions for business.

Here are three main points of the Communication Code that you need to know:

1. Don’t Use Negative Words

The podcast host could have said, “We don’t work as partners, you’re fired.” Can you imagine receiving that kind of message? (Yikes.) Even if working together wasn’t working, there’s still a solution out there she could redirect to.

2. Plant Seeds of Happiness

Instead, the host said, “I know someone who would be the perfect fit and could knock this project out of the park.” You see the difference? Even without knowing the vendor, the client could feel confident that the project was still going to be taken care of.

3. Use an Action Statement

The host didn’t just stop there and leave the client hanging. She sent an intro to get the client set up with the new vendor. Even though she still fired the client, she thought outside of the box and took an extra step to help the client along to the next part of the process.

A small shift from I can’t do this, to How can I make this work?, earned this podcast host thousands of dollars.

I recommend you try it for yourself by following the three steps!

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