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Training & Consulting

Want happier customers? Better collection rates? A more engaged and informed team? We can do that.


The Shores Communication team works with your organization on the things you're missing, but that you may not be seeing. The reasons behind unhappy customers or poor collection rates aren’t always obvious! Mary and her team identify the underlying problems and offer proven solutions to get your staff producing results.

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Training & Consulting

Experience the power of the Communication Code through Mary’s training and consulting programs. We've got you covered, whether you prefer self-study or to be part of a wider community. You’ll learn how to create positive solutions, and get you the meaningful and lasting results needed for your business.


This innovative communications philosophy is centered around evidence-based research. The Communication Code helps you increase your staff's knowledge and confidence. This creates satisfaction and retention through long-lasting relationships for your clients. This means increased revenue for you, with less effort.



Online trainings from Mary and her team to you. These are the easiest ways to get The Communication Code in your organization!



On-site, customized trainings help get your employees to use these techniques faster to produce revenue-driven results.  




Not sure what’s causing your communication challenges? Consulting is designed to uncover your most challenging issues and can produce fast, dramatic results.

Book a Training with Mary.

We book all of our trainings through our site here. We intentionally do this to interview potential clients to see if we're a good fit for each other.  

Not Sure What You Need?

Schedule a personal call with Mary Shores to do a needs assessment and hone in on what resources she can provide your company or organization to best meet your needs & solve your biggest problems.

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