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Communication Code for Customer Service Representatives – Mini Course

A step-by-step guide to harnessing the power of your words

This course is a special edition of the Communication Code built specifically for Customer Service Representatives to accelerate the learning of empathy and compassion while working with customers, no matter how unusual things get in the world. It is a self-guided course focused on creating a more empathetic customer experiences using proven exercises.

Mary Shores Aug 18 17 -2286 - FULL RESOL

This course began with one simple idea.


I wanted to make a program similar to our main course, The Collection Advantage, but tailor it toward individuals in customer service roles.


It took me years of research and trial and error in the laboratory of my agency to put together the game-changing program, The Collection Advantage, and transition it into a mini-course for customer service representatives. Now you can get the core insights of the original course to apply to a customer service setting.

Who is This Course For?

Are you struggling to communicate effectively with customers? Are your numbers are suffering and you don’t know why? Do you find yourself getting frustrated and losing patience with customers easily? This course is for you! This self-guided Communication Code course is specifically tailored for Customer Service Representatives to teach empathy and ultimately increase productivity and job performance!


Mary Shores has received hundreds of testimonials from clients, organizations, and employees around the U.S. See what our amazing clients are saying about us!

“The Collection Advantage has already paid for itself.

Our collections are up even more than we expected. Plus, the ramp-up time on new collectors is much quicker and our collectors become profitable faster. That’s a big deal for us.”

— Greg Nowicki, Partner at Capital Accounts

Course Overview

The Communication Code for Customer Service Representatives is a 5-lesson course with a bonus lesson designed to help collectors maximize their communication with consumers.


Pro-Tip Guide

This PDF is an easy-to-access resource with the Do-Not-Say List and examples of each step of the Code.


Create Your Own Script

This supplemental worksheet is a fillable PDF that prompts the representative to create a basic script using the Code.


The 5-Step Pre-Scripting Process

This supplemental worksheet is a fillable PDF that prompts the representative to pre-script a common customer or client issue using the Code.


2:2:2 Challenge

This supplemental worksheet challenges the representative to practice each step of the Code for 2 days each over a 6-day period.


10 Most Frequent Scenarios Download

This supplemental PDF outlines 10 common scenarios that our clients have expressed to us and provides example scripting as well.

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