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The Collection Advantage

Empower your collectors to earn more with an evidence-based communications strategy that improves consistency, reduces complaints, and brings in more revenue.

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What’s It All About?

The Collection Advantage is a customized online training program for debt collection agencies that want to do better and earn more.

This program will equip you with all of the tools, resources, and scripts your collectors need to improve their communications with consumers so that your agency can thrive.

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The Debt Collection

Industry Has Changed

If you’ve worked in the debt collection industry as long as I have, you’ve seen the changes.


Consumers are becoming more savvy. Your long-time collectors’ negotiations are quickly turning into screaming matches. New collectors seem terrified to ask for more than $25/month.


You’ve got a hunch that something’s off at your agency…

And based on your stagnant profits, low employee morale, and high number of escalated consumer calls, it’s starting to seem like more than just a hunch.


It’s no wonder that by the end of each workday, you’re feeling overworked, underappreciated, and like you’re feverishly trying to catch up with an ever-evolving industry.


If you want to survive, the old-school way of collecting debt isn't going to cut it.


But how can you change with the industry while still continuing to make a profit?


It all starts by changing the way your team communicates.

Busy Presentation

“The Collection Advantage has already paid for itself.

Our collections are up even more than we expected. Plus, the ramp-up time on new collectors is much quicker and our collectors become profitable faster. That’s a big deal for us.”

— Greg Nowicki, Partner at Capital Accounts

When You Improve Your Communications, You Start to Experience Some Incredible Results…

Increased Payments and Profits


By investing in your team, you’re investing in more effective and more consistent collectors. That means your agents will bring in more money (and even see an increase in PIFs) and you’ll increase your revenue with less effort.


In this course, collectors will gain the communication skills and scripts they need to collect more money. They get to go home with more money in their pockets and you get to watch profits increase.


In fact, one course participant saw a 40% increase in revenue after his team completed The Collection Advantage. And that was during Q2 of 2020 (aka the start of the pandemic!).

Faster Ramp-up Time for New Collectors


Onboarding takes forever. And there's a chance that new hires won't be able to mentally handle the work, so they quit right after you've trained them.


The Collection Advantage offers a way to bring your new collectors to a standard, consistent level faster. You’ll finally have a training system that’s more effective than shadowing (because you simply can’t afford to have someone observe and learn bad habits).

Happier Collectors and Happier Consumers


Imagine how your agency would feel without tense phone calls, angry rants, and threatening calls from attorneys. In other words, how much better would things feel without all of the conflict?


Our people-first approach ensures that managers, collectors, and consumers all feel supported and understood. This means that employees stick around longer and your managers take fewer escalated calls.

Here’s How The Collection Advantage Can Change Your Agency

After experiencing incredible results in my own agency, I started teaching these research-based communications strategies to other agencies via on-site training and private consultation. I know that not everyone has the resources to hire me for on-site training.


That’s why I bundled up my exact framework into my new training program, The Collection Advantage. Each company that invests in The Collection Advantage will receive a customized version of the program that meets their needs.

Here’s an overview of The Collection Advantage experience:

4 Core Training Milestones:

Each core training milestone includes all of the worksheets, scripts, training manuals, and review forms your team needs to succeed.


In addition to the course materials, you and your team will receive coaching calls with me on Zoom. This is your opportunity to pick my brain and troubleshoot any challenges that your business is having. With over 20 years of collection industry experience, I understand what your team needs to know to confidently take action. 


This program was designed with implementation in mind. Your agents will implement as they learn so that you can quickly see results in your agency.


A new addition to The Collection Advantage Program is Milestone 5. Everything we developed for this milestone was done in order to help your agents continue to hone their skills, utilizing  all that they've learned with our program.


In this new milestone, your team will gain a higher-level understanding of the consumer experience, dive deeper into the power of validation, learn the four main tools to optimize call flow, and discover the all important "Goldilocks Zone" of negotiation.

Forging the Path to the Agreement

Here we dive deeper into all of the concepts you've learned throughout the four core milestones—weaving together practical examples to help maximize your revenue.

I’d love to get on a call to help you decide if The Collection Advantage is a perfect fit for your organization.

“The Collection Advantage has proven incredibly valuable to our collections team. 

Having someone like Mary to teach our collectors has been a major benefit. An expert with her background has so much credibility and knows exactly what our collectors need to hear to improve. You can tell that Collection Advantage is backed by research. It’s not made up on the fly or created out of thin air. For new and experienced collectors, the sooner they can take this training, the better.”

— Allison Barto, Director of Operations at CCA-STR

What Does a Modern Approach to Collection Really Look Like?

Let me tell you a story…


I’m Mary Shores. I’ve run a debt collection agency for over 20 years.


When I started my agency in 1998, the industry overwhelmed me. I knew that I needed to make money as a business owner, but I secretly felt like a pariah every time I tried to collect money.


One day I was staring at my office phone wondering how I was going to turn things around when I had the biggest AHA! moment of my career…


I realized that the one thing I really wanted - even more than to collect money - was for the next person who called to be happier at the end of the call than they were at the start.


That’s a totally crazy goal, right?!


Well, it worked.


During the first year after my AHA! moment, I implemented one change: I eliminated all negative language from phone calls.


I created a “Do-Not-Say” list and by implementing just that one compassionate change, my overall revenue increased by 34%.


Inspired by the success of that first step to eliminate negative language, I started to refine the methods I used at my agency.


I did a deep study of neuroscience and neurobiology.


And I finally figured out how the inner workings of the human brain can make or break the financial success of a collection agency.


It took over ten years of research and trial and error to perfect the methods that I use today. I’m proud to say that I’ve created one of the most unique collection agencies in the country....


One where staff members come on and stay for years. One where consumers feel supported and understood. And one that successfully restored humanity to the collection industry.


And now, I’d be honored to help you transform your agency.

Are you ready to try a new approach to collection?


One that increases revenue, reduces stress, and completely sheds the stigma of debt collection?

Here’s the truth:


Your company can change for the better.


Even when change feels impossible…


Even when you’re skeptical that it will improve your bottom line (it will)...


And even when rejecting change and keeping the status quo seems easier.


So let’s get on a call to talk about that change. Agency owner to agency owner.


I can help you decide quickly whether or not you’ll see the ROI you deserve from implementing The Collection Advantage.

"I’m really thankful for what I’ve learned throughout this training process.

Just sticking to what I’ve learned over the past couple of months helped me to get a lot of payments and meet and exceed my budget.”

— Jessica Cobb, Collector at DataMax Corporation

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