Are You Creating Conflict or Connection? 

When communication improves, your business improves. Learn how to talk to your customers and teams and grow your profits. 

The Communication Code can help!

Powerful Training. Incredible Results.

"Communication is the absolute #1 skill set your business needs to succeed in the 21st century"

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Training & Consulting

Mary's used The Communication Code with FORTUNE 500 ® companies & national brands to transform their workplaces and grow profits.


Her innovative on-site workshops, online courses, and retreats provide REAL tools that work instantly. 


Watch your employees react, engage, and respond to Mary’s keynote event where she captivates her audience with inspiration, humor, and high energy while imparting proven strategies for business success.


Whether her talk is live on-site or on a virtual stage, Mary leaves her audiences feeling empowered to take action!

On-Site Training

Add profits you didn’t even know were possible by implementing Mary’s signature formula. Mary's on-site workshops dig into your organization at a deeper level.


Her hands-on instruction allows her to provide the coaching your people need to reach new milestones and meet KPI's. 

Private Consulting

Not sure what’s causing your communication challenges? Get Mary’s experience for your business.


Consulting is designed to uncover your most challenging issues, and can produce fast, dramatic results.

Online Training

Level up your entire workforce.


Can't get Mary to you? No problem. Mary has created online trainings that produce results quickly and can be shared with your entire organization at any office location. 

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